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Bee & Honey
Bee & Honey

Alabama Bee and Honey Producers, a division of Alabama Farmers Federation, is composed of beekeepers across the state involved in the production of honey and honey products as commercial producers, sideliners, and hobbyists. Bees are a mutually-beneficial commodity. Not only do they produce sweet-tasting honey, but through pollination, bees provide an invaluable service to farmers and to the wildlife community.

The Alabama Agricultural Statistics Service reported honey production in 2014 totaled 371,000 pounds, which is up from 2013. There were 7,000 colonies producing honey, unchanged from 2013. Yield per colony averaged 53 pounds, compared with 52 pounds in 2013. During the same time, average honey prices increased from $2.85 per pound to $3.40 per pound.

Concerns of farmers are represented at the state and national levels through departments of Governmental Affairs and National Affairs. The Department of Public Relations provides bee & honey news on this website and member publications.

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