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Catfish Division Director

Rick Oates

(800) 392-5705, ext. 4305

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Founded in 1974, Alabama Catfish Producers, a division of Alabama Farmers Federation, is composed of fish farmers across the state involved in aquaculture – the science of raising water-based animals in a controlled environment. Consumers call aquaculture a great way to produce one of the tastiest and highest-quality fish around, and Alabama fish farmers call it a way of life.

Alabama's catfish production is second only to Mississippi, with sales totaling $107.5 million in 2010. Aside from having the world’s largest catfish processing plant, Alabama’s three large-scale processors sell catfish to all 50 states, Canada, Europe and Asia. Today, Alabama farmers produce approximately 25 different aquatic species on nearly 22,000 water acres.  Farm-raised catfish is by far the dominant species, and Alabama farmers currently produce more than 100 million pounds of catfish per year.

The Alabama Catfish Producers works with other state and nonprofit organizations to promote catfish consumption, improve aquaculture standards and support animal health research. 

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