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Dairy Producers Goals and Issues

Alabama Dairy Producers, a division of the Alabama Farmers Federation, is composed of dairy producers from throughout the state. The Dairy Division represents these producers on a national, state and local level. Alabama Dairy Producers has county committeesin 21 Alabama counties. Dairy producers who make up these committees come together at the local level and develop policies and program ideas to address their needs and concerns. Those policies are then discussed at the state level and may be transformed into state and national initiatives by the organization.

Goals of Alabama Dairy Producers are determined by a state committee, which is elected by other producers from throughout the state. The State Dairy Committee is advised by Wayne Robinson, regional Extension dairy specialist; Boyd Brady, Alabama Dairy Herd Improvement Association director; and Jerry Adams, Dairy Farmers of America representative.

Issues and challenges facing producers are evaluated each year, and priority is placed on each to determine a focus for the division's efforts. 

Goals include:

  • Work for national dairy program acceptable to Alabama farmers
  • Support funding for Mandatory Country of Origin labeling in 2007 Farm Bill.
  • Limit imports of casine and milk products.
  • Identify funding opportunties to assist producers with complying with environmental regulations.
  • Recruit new dairies to Alabama.
  • Work to decouple Class 1 Fluid Milk prices from Class 3 and 4 prices.
  • Increase transportation credit portion of Federal Milk Market Order for Federal Order 7 to pressure milk processors to pay more for Southeastern milk.