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Forestry Division Goals and Issues

Goals of the Forestry Division are determined by a state committee, which is elected by other producers throughout the state. Issues and challenges facing producers are evaluated each year, and priority is placed on each to determine a focus for the division's efforts. Goals include:

  • Work to provide more markets for wood products in Alabama
  • Work to improve the declining pulpwood market in Alabama.
  • Work to provide funding for forestry research projects.
  • Work to keep tariffs on Canadian lumber imports.
  • Work to find uses for wood products and income-producing enterprises from forestland.
  • Monitor environmental efforts that have potential to regulate forestry practices.
  • Work to promote biomass as a new source of energy.

Helping farmers address everyday problems is a key part of our mission. As new challenges appear, Alabama Forestry Producers is poised to address those for the good of its producer members. 

The Forestry Division works with the Alabama Forestry Commission and the Alabama Forestry Association in sponsoring and promoting forestry tours and demonstrations. These services increase forest landowners' understanding of forest and wildlife management. The Forestry Division also works closely with the Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences to determine priorities for forest and wildlife research and develop markets for forest products. The division also works with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service in the areas of forestry research, financial planning and insect identification and control.