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Greenhouse, Nursery, and Sod Division Goals and Issues

Goals of the division are long-term and short-term. Issues and challenges facing producers are evaluated each year. Priority is determined by producers at the annual Commodity Organizational Meeting to determine a focus for the division's efforts.

A state committee, which is elected by other producers throughout the state, serves to oversee the execution of these goals.

Goals include:

  • Promote education and conservation of water usage with our customer base and communicate the need for a reasonable water policy compatible to the green industry.
  • Seek research in the area of alternatives to pine bark as a substrate for plant production and alternatives to MSMA as a herbicide for weed control in sod production.
  • Monitor activities that affect the cost of energy, and assist producers in ways to minimize the effects of increasing energy costs.
  • Acquire baseline data to understand horticulture's role in Greenhouse Gas Emissions to develop best management practices as to positively impact our industry in the event cap-and-trade legislation passes.
  • Monitor and provide input on labor and immigration legislation.
  • Evaluate opportunities to assist farmers with incorporating irrigation through cost-sharing, etc.