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Alabama Farmers Federation at Work for Alabama’s Fruit, Nut, & Vegetable Producers

The Horticulture Division supports industry events, such as field days, and hosts a national Horticulture Tour every other year. We have worked to secure several hundred thousand dollars in the federal budget for horticulture research including evaluation of Satsuma Mandarin Oranges, which is an opportunity to revive a once-thriving industry into an alternative crop option for farmers in south Alabama.

Alabama Farmers Federation works with other organizations representing Alabama horticulture including the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries, the State of Alabama Farmers Market Authority and other private and government groups who work to make farming more profitable.

Concerns of farmers are represented at the state and national levels through departments of Governmental Affairs and National Affairs. The Department of Communications provides horticultural news through this website, in addition to its producer member magazine, Neighbors, and biweekly newsletter, Cultivator.

The Local Connection

The strength of the Alabama Farmers Federation lies in the strength of its county Federations. Each county may establish its own Horticulture Committee. There are currently 28 County Horticulture Committees headed by chairmen who are farmers in those respective counties. Needs and requests from producers in the county are the beginning of policy development and the direction of the Division. You may contact the county Horticulture Chairman, or if none currently exists, the Area Organization Director in your region or your county president.


Why Should I be a Member of the Alabama Farmer's Federation?

The Alabama Farmers Federation brings farmers of all commodities together for a common cause. Together, we can accomplish more for everyone's benefit. The more fruit, nut, and vegetable producers are involved in Alabama Farmers Federation, the more effective the organization can be in issues affecting them. The Alabama Farmers Federation maintains a staff working for its members through departments of Commodity Producer Services, Governmental Affairs, National Affairs, Organization, and Communications, among others. With membership in the Alabama Farmers Federation, comes many member benefits. Please visit with us about these privileges.

Did You Know?

  • Farmers' return for common horticulture crops are 19 cents for every 91-cent pound of apples, 60 cents for every $3.56 (10-pound) bag of potatoes, 10 cents for every 94-cent pound of frozen French fries, 33 cents for every $1.95 bag of potato chips and 4 cents for every 56-cent can of tomatoes.
  • The average American eats more than 700 pounds of fruits and vegetables each year, including more than 300 pounds of fresh produce.
  • Alabama ranks 5th in sweet potato production, 12th in blueberry production, 16th in fresh-market watermelons and 12th in fresh-market tomatoes.
  • Alabama harvested some 1,200 acres of sweet corn, 1,250 acres of tomatoes, and 3,500 acres of watermelons in 2008 that totaled $17.1 million in production.
  • Alabama pecan production is expected to be about 5 million pounds this year, ranking Alabama 7th in the nation.
  • Alabama peach production totaled 7 million pounds in 2012.