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Meat Goat and Sheep Division Goals and Issues

Goals of the Meat Goat and Sheep Division are determined by a state committee, which is elected by other producers from throughout the state.

Issues and challenges facing producers are evaluated each year, and priority is placed on each to determine a focus for the division's efforts. Goals include:

  • Utilize checkoff monies to promote sheep and goat industries through improved production, marketing and research.
  • Work with area organization directors and county boards to organize new county committees.
  • Work with Alabama A&M, Auburn University and Tuskegee University to secure additional funding for goat and sheep production and marketing research.
  • Continue previous efforts to encourage coalitions between universities in the stae and across the Southeast to cordinate research and Extension effoerts.
  • Work with 4-H and FFA to support and enhance youth sheep and goat shows.

Due to the increased population of ethnic groups within the Southeast, producers of goats and sheep have enjoyed a good market in recent years. Hispanics and other ethnic groups are the major consumers of goat and lamb products.

However, agricultural markets don't remain steady, and the Alabama Meat Goat and Sheep Producers Division is poised to face those challenges.