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Wheat & Feed Grain Producers Goals and Issues

Goals of Alabama Wheat & Feed Grain Producers are determined by a state committee, which is elected by other producers throughout the state.

Issues and challenges facing producers are evaluated each year, and priority is placed on each to determine the focus for the division's efforts. Goals include:

  • Work to revise farm programs to put profitability back in grain production. 
  • Expand grain market development programs to create value-added products. 
  • Work to develop grain cooperative marketing program.
  • Secure funding for USDA's Soil Dynamics Lab to address resource management and soil factors limiting crop production efficiency.
  • Work to support research to develop new wheat varieties for Southern growing conditions and work with processors to develop markets. 

The division administers the state's research and promotion, a self-help program in which producers invest 1 cent per bushel to fund research, promotion, education, advertising, and market development activities. Research summaries and reports by Auburn University can be located at and clicking on Grain Crops.

The division also sponsors field days and farm tours in conjunction with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and other ag-related groups. Alabama Wheat & Feed Grain Producers also works closely with the Department of Agronomy & Soils at Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System to provide timely information to Alabama producers. The division works with Auburn University and the USDA Agricultural Research Service in identifying research needs and securing federal funds to address these needs. In cooperation with the Alabama Farmers Federation's Cotton Division, the division provides producer leadership oversight in directing the use of these funds so as to best serve the producers' needs.