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Alabama Farmers Federation at Work for Alabama Producers

Activities and Programs

  • Securing more funding for Wildlife Law enforcement.
  • Providing more opportunities for youth hunting and fishing.
  • Improving habitat for quail and revise outdated hunting preserve laws.
  • Maintaining healthy wildlife populations.
  • Work with the Department of Conservation to control wild hog populations.
  • Work to pass legislation to clarify baiting laws in Alabama.
  • Work to provide funding for wildlife research at Auburn.

Helping those who love and promote Alabama's wildlife resources is a key part of our mission. As new challenges arise, the Wildlife Resources Division is poised to address those problems for the good of its members. The Wildlife Resources Division works with theAlabama Wildlife FederationAlabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Information on obtaining a hunting and/or fishing license as well as regulations, management suggestions and hunter safety courses may be obtained through the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources as well.

The Wildlife Resources Division also seeks to promote youth activities that can expose young people to the pleasures and rewards of Alabama wildlife for the first time including such programs as the Youth Dove Hunt and fishing opportunities.

Hunting Leases

In the not-too-distant past, gaining access to hunt or fish on a piece of property was as simple as knocking on the farmer's door and asking permission. In today's litigious world and with increasing economic and environmental pressure on farmers and landowners, those days are for the most part gone. We must be more formal in our business relationships to make sure that up front both the owner and the customer understand what is required and expected. Hunting leases, contracts and release from liability statements are necessary today to protect all parties involved.

Listed below is a link to a sample hunting lease and release from liability statement. These are examples and may not contain all of the language you need to fit your situation. A good attorney may be needed to draw up a lease that covers your particular needs. The samples below are provided as a starting point from which you can develop your contract.

Click here to view and/or print sample lease.

Hunting Liability Farmowner Policies

Alfa offers liability coverage for personal hunting*. The liability limit for personal hunting is the same as the liability limit selected by the farmer and shown on the policy declarations. For an additional premium, Alfa offers coverage for land leased to others for hunting purposes (i.e. - land leased to a hunting club). The liability limit through this endorsement equals the liability limit chosen by the farmer. This endorsement does not cover the lessee. The lessee can purchase a $1,000,000 liability policy naming our farmer as an additional insured through the Southeastern Wildlife Federation. Your Alfa agent can write this coverage.

Your Alfa agent can also insure farmers who provide and administer "Day Hunts," "Guided Hunts," or maintain a hunting lodge for a fee. However, this is a separate policy that your Alfa agent must write for you.

*Personal Hunting - Hunting on an insured location by the insured, family, and friends when there is no fee charged.

The Alabama Outfitters Association

The Alabama Outfitters Association represents our state's best and most reputable outfitters and guides. Our association is based on honest advertising, quality hunting and Southern hospitality. Our objective is to promote ethical practices among outfitters, guides and anyone else involved in Alabama's outdoor recreation industry.