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Wildlife Resources Division Goals and Issues

Goals of the Wildlife Resources Division are determined by a state committee, which is elected by members from throughout the state.

Issues and challenges facing members are evaluated each year and priorities placed on each to determine a focus for the divisions efforts. Goals include:

  • Promote wildlife resources and related activities as an alternative source of revenue for farmers
  • Work to provide more law enforcement from the Conservation Department to reduce poaching, trespassing and night hunting.
  • Work for stiffer penalties on violators of game laws.
  • Oppose animal rights groups (PETA) and anti-gun groups.
  • Inform the public about the economic benefits that hunting/fishing have on local economy (hotels, restaurants, gas and convenience stores)
  • Educate landowners on developing leases, insurance programs, etc.
  • Work to obtain a funding source for promoting hunting and fishing in Alabama.
  • Work to provide funding for the research that benefits wildlife and wildlife habitat.