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Multimedia Contest Rules

The Alabama Farm-City Committee is excited once again to offer a Multimedia Contest for high school students. The contest is sponsored by Alabama Farmers Cooperative and complements the Farm-City Poster and Essay Contest by providing teenagers another channel to express their creativity. We would like to thank the Franklin and Cullman County Farm-City Committees for inspiring the contest.

The theme for all three youth contests is "Alabama Agriculture: Growing for You and Me."

Alabama farmers grow the food, fiber and forest products we depend on for daily living. But a new economic impact study reveals agriculture also fuels economic growth and job creation in the state.

According to the report, Alabama agriculture and related industries are a $70.4 billion a year business and create 580,295 jobs, or about 22 percent of the workforce. These facts illustrate how Alabama Agriculture is Growing for You and Me.

The new study is a great resource for county Farm-City committees to show the interdependence of farmers and their urban neighbors.

While cash receipts from farming total about $5 billion annually, these sales represent just 7 percent of agriculture's contribution to Alabama's economy. Seed, feed and fertilizer suppliers; equipment dealers; bankers; hardware store owners; grocers and restaurateurs all rely on farming for a portion of their livelihood.

Likewise, farmers rely on individual families and non-farm businesses for supplies, services, labor and marketing.

These relationships are at the heart of the Farm-City mission. Since 1955, Farm-City Week celebrations have worked to foster understanding between rural and urban residents.

This year's theme, "Alabama Agriculture: Growing for You and Me," gives county volunteers and students a chance to explore the diverse contributions farmers make to society. Through poster, essay and multimedia contests, students can demonstrate tangible products farmers grow as well as the oft-overlooked impact these men and women make in their communities.

Farmers provide jobs, economic stimulus, green space, wildlife habitat, agritourism opportunities and more. While the economic impact study will equip Farm-City committees and students with valuable data, there's no reason to limit this year's theme to cold facts. "Alabama Agriculture: Growing for You and Me" is a chance to think outside the box and discover all the good farmers produce for us individually and as a state.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has compiled the findings from the economic impact study at This site provides state data and statistics for individual counties and commodities.

We hope you will find this information useful as you celebrate all the ways Alabama Agriculture is Growing for You and Me.

Eligibility and Rules

  1. Entry is open to ninth- through 12-graders. A $300 cash prize will be awarded to the first-place winner at the state level, and his or her school will receive a matching award. The second-place state winner will receive $200, as will his or her school.
  2. The presentation must be created in PowerPoint or Keynote and relate to theme. Video, audio and narration may be included, but all components must be packaged with the presentation so that it may be played on any compatible computer.
  3. The presentation must be submitted on a CD or DVD and must be packaged with all linked media files. The presentation may be exported to a .mov or .wmv format movie.
  4. Each student should complete an application form and submit it with their entry. (Click Here For Information Form)
  5. The PowerPoint presentation should be 3-5 minutes in length. The presentation should not require live narration (by the viewer), and the slides should be set to change automatically.
  6. The presentations will be judged on: content, adherence to topic, accuracy of information, appearance, originality, audience appeal, mechanics, timing, graphics, organization, clarity, flow of material and conclusion.
  7. Deadline for entry at the state level is February 24, 2014. Winners will be notified by mail no later than March 14. Award winners will be announced at the state Farm-City Awards Luncheon in April.
  8. All entries may be used at the discretion of the Alabama Farm-City Committee without further permission or monetary consideration.

For further information, contact your local Farm-City Committee or the State Farm-City Committee at 1(800)392-5705 or 1(334)613-4410. E-mail: Fax: 1(334)284-3957. Mailing address: Alabama Farmers Federation, Attn: Jeff Helms, P.O. Box 11000, Montgomery, AL 36191.