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October 20, 2014

Debra Davis
(334) 613-4656

Pickens County sheep raiser and Meat Goat & Sheep Committee member Tammy Doughty kneels with her sheep.

Alabama farmers who raise sheep and goats will vote Tuesday on renewal of a checkoff program that funds education, promotion and research for their livestock area.

Alabama Farmers Federation Meat Goat & Sheep Division Director Nate Jaeger encourages farmers who are eligible to vote in the referendum to approve continuation of the checkoff. Farmers are required to vote in person and may cast their ballot at their local Alabama Cooperative Extension System office. Farmers can vote between 8 a.m. and the close of business. To locate your county office, visit

“The Alabama Sheep and Goat Checkoff is an opportunity for small ruminant farmers to invest in the only self-help program in the state that has reinvested more than $80,000 in the past five years to help build and promote their business,” Jaeger said.

The referendum will determine if the program should be continued for five more years at the current collection rate of 50 cents per head of sheep or goat sold in the state.  A committee of farmers, elected by sheep and goat growers throughout the state, supervises the checkoff funds, which by law can only be spent on education, promotion and research.

For more information regarding the referendum, contact Nathan Jaeger at (334) 613-4221 or or any member of the State Meat Goat & Sheep Committee.

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