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USDA Releases 2012 Census Of Agriculture

May 09, 2014

Sales and production expenses on Alabama farms reached record levels in 2012, according to the USDA. The agency’s National Agricultural Statistics Service released the final 2012 Census of Agriculture May 2.

Farmers in the state reported selling $5.57 billion worth of agricultural products but racked up $4.7 billion in production costs. The greatest expenses for farmers were feed, non-breeding livestock, fertilizer and labor.

The report ranked Alabama second in the nation in broilers, peanuts and quail. Poultry and eggs are still the largest commodity for the state, accounting for 85.2 percent of total livestock, poultry and related products sold.

The census showed a 10 percent increase in farmers selling directly to consumers and a 15 percent increase in farms producing renewable energy.

Data collected is reported at the national, state and county levels. For more information about the census, visit

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