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Wheat & Feed Grains
Wheat & Feed Grains

Alabama Wheat & Feed Grain Producers, a division of Alabama Farmers Federation, is composed of wheat & feed grain producers from across the state, including those who grow corn, wheat, grain sorghum, and oats.

In 2005, Alabama farmers harvested 23.8 million bushels of corn from 200,000 acres, or a yield of 119 bushels per acre. Wheat production stood at 2.25 million bushels grown on 45,000 acres for a yield of 50 bushels per acre. Grain sorghum production was 318,000 bushels from 6,000 acres, for a yield of 53 bushels per acre.

Cash receipts figures for 2005 are not yet available, but in 2004, these crops accounted for over $55 million in income to the farmers.

Leading wheat-producing counties are Limestone, Baldwin, Madison, and Houston. Major corn-producing counties are Jackson, Lawrence, Madison, and DeKalb.

For more details about these crops' statistics, visit the Alabama Agricultural Statistics Service website.

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