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From Farming Feeds Alabama activity sheets to Ag Mags and the Fatal Vision program, this webpage links to numerous resources teachers can use in their classrooms.

Farming Feeds Alabama

Student Activity Sheets and Teacher Keys

Grades: 4 – 12

Farming Feeds Alabama — it’s an every day truth and a campaign to help Alabamians gain appreciation for the role farmers play in providing basic necessities for all of us who don’t raise our own food or fiber.

Use the activity sheets linked below together with the Farming Feeds Alabama videos for a fun classroom activity! Each link includes the activity sheet and a teacher key.

General AgriculturePeanutsSoybeans
CatfishWheat and Feed Grains 

Harvest of the Month Posters

Grades: 4 – 12

A poster for every month of the year, these resources include nutrition facts and other information about crops grown in Alabama.

Berries Cotton
Honey Peaches
Peanuts Pecans
Soybeans Squash
Strawberries Sweet Potatoes
Tomatoes Wheat

Ag Mags

Grades: 2 – 6

Teach students about major Alabama-grown commodities with these colorful, information-packed, 4-page ag mags. Each includes educational information, trivia, and a fun activity or two!

The Alabama Farm Coloring Book pages

Grades: K-3

Baxter Bluebird shows kids how Alabama farmers play an important role in providing all of us with the food we eat, clothes we wear and materials used to build houses.

Click below to link to the coloring book webpage.

Down on the Farm Kids Activity Booklet 

ALFA Farmers Activity

Grades: 1 – 4

Students learn about farming with this one-page, front-and-back activity booklet, which includes a word search, Farm Mix-up, coloring areas, farm-to-table maze and a recipe.


Grades: 5-12

Teach students the truth about agriculture buzzwords including antibiotics, GMOs and sustainability with these eye-catching, information-packed infographics, courtesy of the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance.


ABX Graphic

Step-by-step through antibiotic use with animals

GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms

About Genetically Engineered CropsGMOs and the EnvironmentCrops and Research
What if farmers couldn’t use GMOs?Why do farmers use biotechnology? 


Crop Maintenance & Sustainability
Sustainability Defined
Technology and Sustainability

Classroom in the Forest

Grades: 5

A program of the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association designed to teach fifth-grade students and teachers about the importance of good forest management by private landowners. The program includes classroom visits and field trips to a local, certified TREASURE Forest.

Fatal Vision

Grades: 9-12

Using simulation goggles and texting exercises, Fatal Visions teaches students about the dangers of drunk or distracted driving. Administered by Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Click here for contact information to schedule a Fatal Vision program.

Fatal Vision

Census of Agriculture

Find useful Alabama statistics from the latest agriculture census conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Click here to view the census results.