News Air Evac Lifeteam New Federation Membership Benefit

Air Evac Lifeteam New Federation Membership Benefit

Air Evac Lifeteam New Federation Membership Benefit
December 29, 2005 |

A new membership benefit from Alabama Farmers Federation may be more than a money-saver — it could be a lifesaver as well.The Federation has reached an agreement with Air Evac Lifeteam, which has been providing air ambulance care to rural communities since 1985. Under the partnership, all members and employees of the Alabama Farmers Federation are eligible to become full-service Air Evac Lifeteam members at 20 percent off the regular annual membership fees.”We are excited to have a member benefit that shares our concern for rural Alabama,” said Brandon Moore of the Federation’s Organization Department. “So many of our Federation members live in rural areas that are often long distances from emergency medical care. For many years, Air Evac has served rural communities and it is great to have them aboard as they offer their services to more of the state.”According to the company’s website,, Air Evac Lifeteam was the first air ambulance service in the United States to offer a membership program. The program allows Air Evac Lifeteam to serve smaller communities that otherwise might not be able to support an air ambulance service. Membership coverage also includes hospital-to-hospital transfers in life- or limb-threatening emergencies.Utilizing the Bell 206L helicopter, Air Evac Lifeteams can travel at speeds of up to 130 mph to the scene of an accident or medical emergency, bringing lifesaving equipment and crews to provide immediate medical attention during those critical early moments. More than 50 Air Evac Lifeteams, each consisting of a registered nurse and paramedic, are located within the central U.S. In Alabama, crews are based in Tuscumbia, Scottsboro, Cullman and Fayette. The crews are required to launch within five minutes of receiving a call, spend 10 minutes or less at the scene, and complete hospital transfers in 20 minutes or less.
Normally $50 per one-member household, $55 per two-member household and $60 for households of three-or-more, Air Evac Lifeteam’s annual membership fee is priced at $40, $45 and $50 for Federation members and employees.Another benefit through Air Evac Lifeteam is Lifeteam Alert which provides ready access to a member’s medical information. In the event of an emergency, attending healthcare workers can contact Lifeteam Alert for the member’s key medical information, preferred doctor, preferred hospital and designated emergency contact person. Normally, standard pricing for this service is $30 per year. Federation members and employees will pay only $15 per single member household. Each additional household member is $15 as well.Federation members and employees who sign up for both Air Evac Lifeteam Air Ambulance Service and Lifeteam Alert receive additional discounts. For more information, call 1-800-793-0010 or visit For more information about Lifeteam Alert, call 1-877-888-8810 or visit

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