News Alfa – A Family Legacy

Alfa – A Family Legacy

Alfa – A Family Legacy
August 29, 2013 |

The Haynes quadruplets, famous for wearing red A-L-F-A shirts in television commercials as children, are returning to TV as young adults to promote a new discount from Alfa Insurance.

Will Haynes, who graduated from Auburn University in May with sisters Sarah, Mary Elizabeth and Caitlin, said Alfa Insurance is practically a family tradition.

“For me, Alfa was insurance,” he said. “It was our home and our life insurance. When we turned 16, that was who we got car insurance with. So it’s just kind of neat now, as we are getting older and looking for insurance, that’s who we go to. That’s who we feel comfortable with.”

The new commercial highlights Alfa’s legacy discount, which extends the long-term homeowner discounts of loyal Alfa customers to their children ages 27 and younger. Set to air Oct. 1, the commercial features the quads and their parents, Tammy and Bruce, and the family of older sister Anna Lee Haynes Weathers.

Anna Lee said she was impressed with the personal service her Alfa agent provided when she married husband Jordan and later, when their daughter, Ada, was born.

“When we first got married, he took the time to come out to see us, and he explained all of our options,” she said. “He made sure we felt really protected, and after the birth of our daughter, he even came back out to our house to make sure we protected her.”

Anna Lee is a graduate of Jacksonville State University and works as a graphic designer. Jordan is an elementary school special education teacher. Will, meanwhile, was recently hired in the marketing department of a wealth management firm.

Mary Elizabeth, who works with a college campus ministry, said she has grown to appreciate life insurance in the years since her debut as a child actress.

“As I’ve gotten older, I understand the importance of life insurance,” she said. “Mom and Dad have had life insurance on us since we were babies, and so I’ve just grown to be thankful for our life insurance policies with Alfa.”

Sarah, who married seminary student Ben Waller in May, earned her degree in human development and family studies. She recalls being most thankful for her family’s association with Alfa when behind the wheel.

“(When) turning 16 and learning how to drive, and driving on my own, I found great comfort in knowing that my car was insured by Alfa,” she said.

Caitlin, however, said it’s her parent’s homeowner policy that gives the children a sense of security. Even though she has accepted a job as a preschool teacher in a large city, Caitlin said it’s good to know Alfa protects her family home in the Calhoun County town of Ohatchee.

“Our home has always been such a great place,” she said. “Alfa helps ensure that our house will continue to be filled with great memories and traditions.”

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