News Alfa Agency Offers New, Specialized Equine Coverage

Alfa Agency Offers New, Specialized Equine Coverage

Alfa Agency Offers New, Specialized Equine Coverage
August 29, 2017 |

Thanks to a new Alfa Agency policy, equine owners have options to alleviate economic risks involved with horse care. Specialized equine coverage from the Standard Underwriters Network (SUN) is available through local Alfa Insurance agents, with premiums starting as low as $200 annually.

The Alabama Farmers Federation’s Nate Jaeger said this is a great opportunity for horse owners.

“If you have a performance horse, purebred stud or a special mare you want to protect, this is an affordable package specially designed for you,” said Jaeger, the Federation’s Equine Division director.

Several coverage options are available through Alfa Agency. Standard mortality insurance provides coverage for death of a horse from accident, injury, illness, disease or euthanasia. It also includes loss of a horse from theft and reimbursement up to $5,000 for expenses arising from emergency colic surgery.

Additional elective options for equine coverage include surgical; major medical and surgical; colic; accident and illness; worldwide; and lessee coverage.

Equines and the horse industry are important to Alabama’s economy. In addition to providing nearly 24,000 jobs in the state, a recent study by Auburn University showed horses have a $2.084 billion impact on the state’s economy each year. However, the study revealed only 14 percent of Alabama horses are insured and average annual horse care costs exceed $4,000 per horse, excluding showing or training expenses. Read more about the study at

For more information about equine coverage from SUN, contact a local Alfa agent.

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