News Alfa Answers Call as Storms Strike South Alabama

Alfa Answers Call as Storms Strike South Alabama

Alfa Answers Call as Storms Strike South Alabama
March 1, 2024 |

By Brooke Foster 

Damaged buildings, debris and rubble were among the wreckage left after a tornado struck Houston County Jan. 9.

Shortly on the scene, too, was Alfa Insurance Agent Robert Johnson. The Dothan agent said customers in his area received a 5:30 a.m. wake-up call in the form of sirens and found a trail of destruction later that morning. 

“The first thing I prayed was for everyone to be safe. I was hopeful necessary precautions were taken in preparation of the storm to prevent extensive damage to homes and property,” Johnson said. “Once we got the ‘all clear,’ I started making my way to customers who were in the path of the storm.” 


Alfa customers experienced widespread damage. This included a collapsed roof with rafters puncturing the inside of a home, fallen trees on roofs and outbuildings stripped of metal walls. The storm wasn’t selective. Brick-and-mortar homes, modular homes, barns and a commercial building were impacted.

“The most significant damage I witnessed was to Cottonwood Animal Clinic,” Johnson said. “The entire front part of the building was destroyed. Fortunately, the staff were hunkered down and safe.”


Johnson said when a storm is on the horizon, he makes every effort to help customers by sharing preparedness tips on social media and in person.

He often reminds them small tasks can help reduce severity of potential damage. This includes cutting tree limbs, securing outside patio furniture and checking windows for leaks or cracks.


While Johnson helped customers survey damage after the storm, questions popped up about next steps.

“As I made my way to customers’ homes, I started assessing the damage to get the claims process started and ensured customers their homes and property would be taken care of,” Johnson said. “I also advised everyone to make sure they were protecting their home from further damage after the storm, making sure there’s no intrusion of water or broken windows.”

Johnson said he takes his role as an insurance professional seriously. 

“As an agent, my job is to look out for my customers,” Johnson said. “It’s being there not only after the storm but making sure they’re prepared beforehand, too.”

Dothan Alfa Agent Robert Johnson was quick to answer the call and check on his customers after a tornado tore through Houston County Jan. 9. 

Following the Jan. 9 event, Johnson’s office processed more than 250 of the 700 total claims from the Dothan area. An additional 800 claims were filed through Alfa across Alabama, bringing the total to more than 1,700 claims costing over $35 million. 

“I think that total speaks volumes to what our team is capable of,” said Alfa District Claims Manager Ryan Pezent. “Our agents and adjusters have boots on the ground as soon as a major storm blows through, working together to ensure customers are OK and assessing the damage as much as we can ourselves. That’s the Alfa difference.”

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