News Alfa Farmers Joins Peanuts Around Town

Alfa Farmers Joins Peanuts Around Town

Alfa Farmers Joins Peanuts Around Town
August 24, 2022 |

By Jeff Helms

DOTHAN, Ala., Aug. 24 – Houston County Farmers Federation and Alfa Insurance® today unveiled the latest statue in the Peanuts Around Town series in front of their offices at 1038 Ross Clarke Circle. 

George Jeffcoat, who serves as president of the county farm organization, said the peanut display is a visual reminder of Alfa’s agricultural heritage and ongoing commitment to the community.

“We commissioned ‘Farmer Peanut’ last year as part of the Alabama Farmers Federation’s centennial celebration and 75th anniversary of Alfa Insurance,” said Jeffcoat, who represents southeast Alabama on both state boards of directors. “The Federation began in 1921 to provide a voice for farmers in public policy decisions. Twenty-five years later, Alfa was formed to provide fire protection to rural property owners. Today, we continue to advocate for local farmers while providing a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. The peanut statue reminds visitors and passersby of the importance of agriculture to our economy and Alfa’s continued investment in our communities.”

Alfa District Manager Mark Whitlow said the insurance company was proud to partner with the Federation on the project. 

“Alfa is unique among Alabama insurance providers. We live, work, worship and raise our families in the communities we serve,” Whitlow said. “Our agents, sales associates and adjusters are your neighbors and friends. We are proud to be part of Peanuts Around Town, which has become an iconic part of our community. Farmer Peanut, or George as we call him, is interactive, so we hope folks will stop by and have their picture taken with the peanut, whether they’re an insurance customer or not. Of course, if folks are looking for great rates and coverage with personalized, hometown service, we’ll be glad to help.”

The statue joins more than 70 other Peanuts Around Town, including a farmer cousin at the Alabama Peanut Producers Association office across the circle. The latest legume artwork was designed by Federation Creative Technical Director Mike Moody. It features a barn backdrop, tablet highlighting Alabama farm commodities and a Farming Feeds Alabama sign. 

“We wanted George to be unique, so he is the only statue in the series to appear in his natural setting,”Moody said. “The scene includes a red barn and silo with a window where families can pose for a picture. We also want to highlight advancements in agriculture, so George is holding an electronic tablet. While farmers still drive tractors and wear blue jeans and boots, they also are using technology like GPS and advanced genetics to feed and clothe a growing world. We hope our farmer reminds visitors of agriculture’s rich history while pointing to its future.”

Like other Peanuts Around Town, Farmer Peanut stands 5 feet tall and is made of fiberglass. He was crafted by local business, Replica Plastics.

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