News Alfa Helps Protect Farmers From Agritourism Liability

Alfa Helps Protect Farmers From Agritourism Liability

Alfa Helps Protect Farmers From Agritourism Liability
September 30, 2013 |

Visitors falling face-first in a pumpkin patch or off a moving hayride could spoil a farmer’s dream of opening his land to the public.

Alfa Insurance’s Agency Division, however, can help protect farmers from liability when they bridge the urban-rural gap through agritourism.

“Alfa Agency has seen a steady influx of agritourism business in recent years as farm owners look for additional ways to earn income,” said Alfa Agency Vice President Dave Poundstone. “As the number of farms offering agritourism activities increases, so has the awareness for the need to obtain insurance that appropriately addresses and protects exposures presented with these unique ventures.”

General underwriting and coverage requirements vary by operation, but Poundstone encourages anyone who operates agricultural activities to consider purchasing an agritourism policy.

“If you own or manage a seasonal or year-round farm operation and invite the public onto your property for tours, to pick produce or for other entertainment activities, you face increased risks that may not be covered by your standard farm insurance policy,” he said. “It’s important to discuss these activities with your Alfa agent and seriously consider insuring the new ventures under an agritourism policy.”

Popular agritourism activities that could benefit from additional coverage include cattle roundups; wine making; cooking demonstrations; corn shucking; farm or harvesting demonstrations; fee fishing; haunted houses; horseback riding; hunting clubs; nature tours or hikes; petting zoos; and any activity involving food sales, exotic animals and transporting visitors.

Alfa Agency writes farm and agritourism business in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi through multiple companies. For more information, visit a local Alfa Insurance office.

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