News Alfa Offers Dental Insurance

Alfa Offers Dental Insurance

Alfa Offers Dental Insurance
March 26, 2008 |

Alabama Farmers Federation members have another reason to smile thanks to the new Alfa Dental plan underwritten by Delta Dental Insurance Company, a member of the nation’s largest dental insurance organization.”Almost 60,000 farm families and others who are self-employed or unemployed have health insurance coverage through Alfa Health. Until now, however, we have not offered a dental plan for our members,” said Federation President Jerry A. Newby. “This new member benefit could give thousands of families, including those who don’t have coverage through their employer, a cost-effective solution for preventive and corrective dental care.”
Current Federation members will be able to enroll in the new dental plan until March 1, 2009. After this initial open enrollment, members will not be able to enroll again until Jan. 1, 2010. New members may continue to enroll but must do so within 30 days after joining the Federation. Members who enroll in the Alfa Dental plan by the 20th of the month can begin taking advantage of their benefits the following month.The cost of the plan is $25.52 a month for individuals or $57.54 a month for family coverage. First-year benefits from preferred providers include 100 percent payment of diagnostic and preventive services, 50 percent coverage of basic services like extractions and 25 percent coverage of major services like crowns. Beginning with the second year of coverage, the benefits increase to 80 percent for basic services and 50 percent for major services. There is no deductible for diagnostic and preventative services and a $50 per person annual deductible for other services. The annual benefit is capped at $1,000 per person.Federation Administrator J. Paul Till and Alfa Health Manager Janet Bradford worked with Delta Dental to develop a plan that will provide members exceptional coverage at a very affordable price.”Since its formation in 1921, the Alabama Farmers Federation has worked to improve the quality of life for rural Alabamians. Over the years, we have offered affordable property insurance, health insurance and other services to our members when it was difficult to get them from other sources,” Bradford said. “With the introduction of Alfa Dental, our members now have access to all the coverage they need to safeguard their financial security.”Members who enroll in the plan will pay their monthly premium either by bank draft or automatic credit card payment.”With no deductible for X-rays, oral exams and up to two cleanings a year, a family of four could easily pay for their premiums with just diagnostic and preventive services,” Till said. “Add to that the coverage for crowns, root canals and other services, and we believe this plan will provide real value to Federation members. In addition, Alfa Dental policyholders will benefit from lower prices that Delta Dental is able to negotiate with preferred providers as a member of the nation’s largest dental insurance organization.”For detailed benefits or quick and easy online enrollment, go to, contact your local Alfa office or call 1-800-392-5705.

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