News Alfa Offers Young Driver Discount

Alfa Offers Young Driver Discount

Alfa Offers Young Driver Discount
February 20, 2013 |

An online test is helping drive down insurance costs for young Alabama motorists with Alfa Insurance. The Youth Defensive Driver Discount allows unmarried drivers aged 16 to 20 to take a test on Alfa’s website that could qualify them for a money-saving discount.

“The Youth Defensive Driver Discount was developed to offer a discount to customers whose children have not had the opportunity to take a driver training course in school,” said Vice President of Auto Underwriting Gail Pelt.

The test includes questions on driving rules, safety, signals and more.

“It is convenient for a youthful driver to sign on to the Alfa website and take the test,” Pelt said. “Once they have successfully passed the test online, all that is left to do is to let their agent know so the discount can be added to the policy. We are excited to offer a new discount for youthful drivers who are not already receiving a driver training discount.”

Section, Ala., Agent David Woodard said he has already saved customers money on their auto insurance with the new discount.

“Recently, we had a customer’s daughter turn 16 who was unable to enroll in the driver’s education program offered by her high school until next August,” Woodard said. “She took the Youth Defensive Driver test offered on our website, and we were able to apply the discount to her parent’s auto policy.”

Woodard said he is excited and grateful to be able to offer this new discount to customers.

“There are many families in our area who choose to home-school or send their children to private schools where driver’s education is not offered,” Woodard explained. “With our new discount, customers are pleased they can take advantage of savings they deserve. This is just another way we can fully service our customers.”

Drivers who qualify for the Youth Defensive Driver Discount must be free from at-fault accidents and violations for the prior 36 months. This discount cannot be issued in addition to the Driver Training Discount, which is offered to drivers who have successfully completed an approved driver’s education course.

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