News Alfa Pavilion At Auburn Reopens After Renovation

Alfa Pavilion At Auburn Reopens After Renovation

Alfa Pavilion At Auburn Reopens After Renovation
September 3, 2020 |

Marlee Moore
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The Alfa Pavilion at Ag Heritage Park at Auburn University has reopened after recent renovations. 

The Alfa Pavilion at Auburn University’s (AU) Ag Heritage Park has reopened with a new design but continues to pay homage to Alabama’s rich agricultural history.

The pavilion first opened on South Donahue Drive in 2006, and its bright red, barn-like exterior immediately attracted visitors from campus and beyond. Initial construction was made possible through donations from the Alabama Farmers Federation and Alfa Insurance. It closed for improvements in December 2019. 

“Thanks to recent renovations, the Alfa Pavilion is once again the crown jewel of Ag Heritage Park,” said Jimmy Parnell, president of the Federation and Alfa. “It’s a modern, open, comfortable venue that will easily flex with the needs of various events. We look forward to seeing others enjoy the newly renovated Alfa pavilion, while remembering the importance of agriculture to Alabama and Auburn University.”

Ag Heritage Park is a joint venture of the Auburn University College of Agriculture and the Agricultural Alumni Association located on about 30 acres at the southwest corner of Samford Avenue and Donahue Drive.

Improvements replaced the pavilion’s original garage doors with large windows overlooking the park’s pond and greenspace; added a floor-to-ceiling, stone-clad electric fireplace; and upgraded lighting, flooring, furnishings and finishes throughout the venue.

As of July 2016, the College of Agriculture and The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center share operation of venues at Ag Heritage Park, including the pavilion.

For the pavilion project, interior design students worked with a professional designer to submit potential designs for the space. Aspects of five students’ designs were used in the final renovation.

The renovations catapulted the pavilion — which already has booked a number of weddings in the coming months — to the top of the list of competitive rental venues in the area.

“We know Ag Heritage Park is a destination of choice for many College of Agriculture alumni, friends, faculty and staff and the public — whether they are attending events in the pavilion or weekly farmers markets in the summer,” said Paul Patterson, College of Agriculture dean and Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station director. “We are thrilled to see our mission at Ag Heritage Park continue through the revitalization of this important venue.”

For more information, contact the sales department at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center at (334) 321-3177 or

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