News ATFA Offers Free Affinity Tags To Members

ATFA Offers Free Affinity Tags To Members

ATFA Offers Free Affinity Tags To Members
September 30, 2016 |

For those who love the forest, showing that special appreciation just got easier thanks to the Alabama Treasure Forest Association (ATFA).

“The ATFA’s state board of directors is offering ATFA members an opportunity to get this great new license plate — a $50 value — for free,” said ATFA Executive Director Rick Oates. “There are many choices for vanity license plates in Alabama, and we think this new tag will be very popular.”

ATFA’s newly redesigned affinity tag boasts the slogan “I’d Rather Be in the Woods.” Proceeds from tag sales help fund programs supported by ATFA, like Classroom in the Forest, landowner field days and educational seminars.

State law requires 1,000 of the new ATFA tags be sold before production of the license plates begins. That’s why ATFA is offering the tags free to its members, Oates said. Normal issuance fees and taxes are the responsibility of the tag owner, but the usual $50-fee for a vanity tag is free to members for the first year, he added.

Getting a free tag is easy. Go to, and click the picture of the tag to download the tag reservation form. License plates can be customized with any six characters at a later date. When 1,000 tag commitments have been made, those who reserved a tag will be notified how to get their tag from their local probate office.

“After the first year, tag owners will be required to pay the annual renewal cost for the ATFA tag,” Oates said, “but that $50-fee is tax deductible.”

Forestry and its related industries bring $21.4 billion annually into Alabama, and timber is a recognized commodity in every county in the state.

“These tags are a great way to show support for one of our state’s largest industries, share your love of the forest with others and support ATFA programs,” Oates said.

The Alabama TREASURE Forest Association was established in 1974 to promote the multiple-use philosophy of land management to support timber, recreation, the environment, aesthetics and sustainable, usable resources.

Since 2013, the ATFA has partnered with the Alabama Farmers Federation to reach more people with TREASURE Forest philosophies and programs.

In addition to its education efforts, ATFA holds a group certificate through which members can obtain Forest Stewardship Council designation for their timberland.

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