News Attorney General Joins Suits To Protect Farmers

Attorney General Joins Suits To Protect Farmers

Attorney General Joins Suits To Protect Farmers
January 15, 2018 |

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall joined lawsuits in December against California and Massachusetts for seeking to impose regulations on farmers in other states.

The state’s poultry and livestock farmers applaud the move, said Alabama Farmers Federation representatives.

Alabama joined 12 other states Dec. 5 in filing a lawsuit against the State of California for requiring eggs sold there comply with its regulations governing the housing of laying hens. Six days later, Marshall joined a lawsuit with 12 states against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for barring the sale of eggs, pork and veal not housed according to its new regulations.

Marshall said the regulations could drive up production costs, affecting farmers and consumers. He also said such actions establish bad precedent, which could affect other interstate commerce.

Marshall noted California’s and Massachusetts’ regulations violate the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, which gives Congress authority to regulate commerce among the states.

Cullman County egg producer Lee Haynes said complying with the out-of-state regulations would create a financial burden for farmers.

“These regulations are very costly for farmers because they force you to change your poultry housing systems. Production and long-term housing costs also are a lot higher,” said Haynes. “Ultimately, consumers would pay more, which would bring down demand, making the overall impact even greater.”

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