News August 2019 Commodity Corner

August 2019 Commodity Corner

August 2019 Commodity Corner
August 8, 2019 |

Bee & Honey

The Bee and Honey Division recently contributed $2,500 to Auburn University’s Bee Lab. The donation will support research, including honeybee decline, environmental effects on pollinator populations and colony collapse disorder.

-Hunter McBrayer, division director


Alabama Extension’s new statewide educational program for beef cattle producers is the Beef Systems Short Course. Topics include forages, nutrition, herd health, reproduction, record keeping, environmental stewardship, economics and meat science. Two topics will be discussed per night in a paired lecture-based format led by local animal science and forage Extension agents. Questions? Contact your regional agent.

-Brady Ragland, division director


Alabama sportsmen can now hunt feral pigs and white-tailed deer (when in season) with the aid of bait on privately owned or leased lands if in possession of an annual bait privilege license. The new license, $15 for resident individual hunters and $51 for non-residents, is available anywhere hunting licenses are sold, including

-William Green, division director


Wayne Farms and the University of Georgia have completed a research project studying an effective way to reduce moisture levels in poultry litter. By using circulation fans, they reduced litter moisture by 10% and created more even housing conditions. The birds had a higher-quality paw score and appeared to be more comfortable as they spread themselves throughout the entire house. Find the complete research study at

-Russ Durrance, division director


In an effort to push peanut butter consumption across the U.S., the National Peanut Board partnered with Alexa (or any Amazon Echo device) to provide peanut butter recipes. Say “Alexa, open Peanut Butter Jar,” and Alexa will provide a peanut recipe. 

-Jacob Davis, executive director

Cotton, Soybean, Wheat & Feed Grain

The annual Crops Field Day is Aug. 23 at the Wiregrass Research Center in Headland. Registration begins at 8 a.m. Field tours are from 8:30 a.m. to noon, followed by lunch. Call the research station at (334) 693-3800 to learn more.

-Carla Hornady, divisions director

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