News Bird Is The Word: Poultry Industry Leaders Help Farmers Grow

Bird Is The Word: Poultry Industry Leaders Help Farmers Grow

Bird Is The Word: Poultry Industry Leaders Help Farmers Grow
October 31, 2022 |

By Maggie Edwards

In a joint effort between the Alabama Farmers Federation, Alabama Poultry and Egg Association (APEA) and National Poultry Technology Center (NPTC), almost 50 poultry growers stepped away from the farm and gathered in Auburn Oct. 25 to finetune tricks of the trade. 

Larry Upchurch, a third-generation poultry farmer from Clay County, said he learned the importance of generator care and upkeep during the daylong session at NPTC’s demonstration chicken house.

“During the generator care demonstration, I learned the value of having someone other than myself trained to manage the farm and equipment so I can rest easy when I’m away from home,” Upchurch said. 

The major focus of the meeting was to encourage producers to understand, analyze and prepare their equipment – and teach cost-effective methods to help farmers stay in business. 

“We learned about the importance of checking water panels, fans and heaters,” said Jeff Maze, the Blount County Farmers Federation president. “Things must work the way they are intended to. If a heater is not burning efficiently, we are­ still paying the same amount of money for the gas brought into the house, but we are not getting the same output. That is costing us money.” 

Thanks to this seasonal training, poultry farmers can learn from and interact with industry professionals through hands-on learning.

“Ultimately, we just want to give that chicken the best care we can give it, while utilizing effective-cost methods,” Maze said. “There is always something new in the poultry industry, so I’m thankful NPTC strives to help our bottom line.” 

New and seasoned farmers found value in techniques taught by NPTC staff and APEA’s Ray Hilburn. Topics included being efficient when using fans, heaters, water, electricity and composting. 

These topics are critical for farmers like Maze and Upchurch, as the poultry industry plays a key role in Alabama and has a $15 billion annual economic impact. Alabama ranks second on the nation level in broiler, or meat chicken, production. 

“We might know these things, but sometimes we need a reminder,” Upchurch said. “It is good to brush up on things and take them back home to share. We are fortunate to have events like this in our state.”  

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