News Rural Relationships Deliver Winning Runoff Results

Rural Relationships Deliver Winning Runoff Results

Rural Relationships Deliver Winning Runoff Results
June 21, 2022 |

MONTGOMERY, Ala., June 21 — Grassroots connections propelled FarmPAC-endorsed candidates to victory in Tuesday’s primary runoff elections. 

Alabama Farmers Federation President Jimmy Parnell said Katie Britt’s dominance in the Republican race for U.S. Senate demonstrates the value of building relationships with farmers and families in Alabama’s rural communities. 

“As Katie said in her acceptance speech, voters are looking for elected officials who will listen instead of lecture,” Parnell said. “No candidate worked harder to earn votes than Katie Britt, and I’m convinced no one will work harder at putting Alabama and America first. Federation members in all 67 counties are proud to be among her earliest and most active supporters. Congratulations Katie on a job well done!”

Britt acknowledged farmers’ impact on the campaign during her Tuesday night speech. 

“(This) is to the farmers — and I see you all out there — thank you!” said Britt to roaring applause. “…who have talked to me about overburdensome regulation and taxes and their fear of not being able to pass along the family farm to the next generation. This is for you!”

While Britt’s decisive win headlined the evening, Parnell said the importance of the Federation’s grassroots network was seen down the ballot. 

In statewide Republican races, FarmPAC-endorsed candidates winning nomination were Wes Allen, Secretary of State, and Chip Beeker and Jeremy Oden, Public Service Commission. Federation-supported Dale Strong also was victorious in Congressional District 5. 

“We thank these candidates for visiting with Federation members on the issues and seeking our support,” Parnell said. “We look forward to helping them finish strong in November’s general election and working with them to strengthen our state and nation.”

Stan Cooke, who the Federation endorsed in the Republican runoff for state auditor, lost to Andrew Sorrell. 

In Alabama legislative races, FarmPAC-endorsed candidates advancing to the general election were: Tim Wadsworth, R-House District 14; James Lomax, R-House District 20; Ontario Tillman, D-House District 56; Mark Shirey, R-House District 100; and Robert Stewart, D-Senate District 23. Patrick Johnson lost the Republican nomination for House District 4. The Democratic race for House District 55 involving FarmPAC-endorsed Rod Scott was too close to call Tuesday night.

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