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Catfish Division

Catfish Division

Founded in 1974, the State Catfish Committee is responsible for the oversight of the Alabama Catfish Checkoff Program, and supports programs focused on promotional, research and educational opportunities that benefit farmers.

In addition, the division works with state and federal agencies and other organizations such as Catfish Farmers of America and The Catfish Institute to advance the industry.

Alabama’s catfish production is second only to Mississippi, with sales totaling $97.4 million in 2019.  Those sales represent the production of 102 million pounds of catfish on more than 16,000 acres.  Approximately 1,500 Alabamians are directly employed in the production or processing of catfish in the state. 

Alabama is home to two large-scale processing facilities and two feed mills that supply catfish farms with nutritious and wholesome feed made from corn and soybeans.  The majority of Alabama’s roughly 85 catfish farms are located in Alabama’s historic Blackbelt Region in the counties of Hale, Dallas, Greene, Perry and Sumter.    

Catfish the ranks first in the U.S. in production for freshwater aquaculture, and chefs and consumers alike enjoy the versatility of catfish due to its mild flavor profile.  The flaky fillets adapt to many recipes and catfish is equally at home fried, baked, grilled, or poached.  In additional, it is very low in fat and great source of omega-3 fatty acids.  For recipe ideas, visit uscatfish.com

William Green
Catfish Division Director
(334) 612-5235