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Dairy Division

Dairy Division

Even though Alabama continues to witness a sharp decline in the number of dairy operations, the state still benefits financially from dairy farms.

The Alabama Farmers Federation’s State Dairy Committee continues to work to make dairying more profitable for those involved, as well as looking to recruit new dairy producers to the state.

Alabama is a deficit milk market, meaning it doesn’t produce enough milk to meet milk processing and consumption demands. Alabama produces less than 20 percent of the milk processed in the state with the balance coming from states like Texas and New Mexico.

Organizations engaged in the recruiting of dairies to Alabama are the:

  • Alabama Farmers Federation
  • Alabama Dairy Herd Improvement Association
  • Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries
  • Dairy Farmers of America

The Alabama Dairy Producers works with other state and nonprofit organizations to promote the dairy industry, improve nutritional standards, promote education and support animal health research. 

Colton Christjohn
Dairy Division Director
(334) 612-5184