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Equine Division

Equine Division

Alabama Equine Division represents all breeds and is composed of horse producers and owners from throughout the state with committees in more than 40 Alabama counties. According to an Auburn University survey, more than 44,000 Alabama households are involved in the industry as horse owners, service providers, employees and volunteers. Even more participate as spectators. Nearly every county has some type of useful event facility, a local horse association and a regular pattern of equine events, shows or competitions. The State Equine Division is advised by Dr. Wayne Greene, department head of Animal Sciences at Auburn University; Dr. Cindy McCall, Extension Specialist and Auburn University professor; and Dr. Tony Frazier, state veterinarian.

The equine industry is extremely important to Alabama’s economy, as it directly produces goods and services valued exceeding $573 million. Furthermore, the equine industry has an impact of almost $1 billion on the Alabama economy when the multiplier effect of spending by owners, industry suppliers and employees is taken into account. These numbers are more than likely even higher when accounting for off-site spending during equine related events in the state.

The Equine Division works with other state agencies and non-profit organizations to promote equine use and production. Those groups include the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University, Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, Alabama Horse Council and the National Institute for Animal Agriculture. 

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