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Greenhouse, Nursery & Sod Division

Greenhouse, Nursery & Sod Division

Greenhouse, Nursery and Sod Division is composed of growers who produce ornamental plants and sod. Created in 1999, the division seeks to address and meet the unique needs of producers in Alabama’s fastest-growing agricultural sector. The group supports industry events, like field days, and hosts a national horticulture tour.

A recent Auburn University study shows Alabama’s green industry generates the largest cash crop in the state. It contributes $2.9 billion annually to the state’s economy and provides jobs for almost 43,000 Alabamians. The green industry is one of agriculture’s bright spots in Alabama. Horticultural retail sales reached $1.3 billion in 2007, an 53.2 percent increase percent over 2003. Alabama ranks 20th nationally with greenhouse, nursery and sod receipts of $256 million. Producers operate more than 9 million square feet of greenhouse and nursery space in Alabama, and 97 farms in the state harvested almost 24,000 acres of sod in 2007. 

Helping farmers address everyday challenges is a key part of our mission. Other areas of concern to producer members are the availability of adequate tools for pest management, fire ant management, and ensuring ornamentals and sod are considered in government programs.

Concerns of farmers are represented at the state and national levels through departments of Governmental Affairs and National Affairs. The Department of Public Relations provides “green industry” news on this website and member publications. 

Blake Thaxton
Greenhouse, Nursey & Sod Division Director
(334) 613-4309