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Sheep & Goat Division

Sheep & Goat Division

Sheep & Goat Division is comprised of sheep and goat producers from throughout the state. The division represents producers at the local, state, and national levels and has committees in 28 Alabama counties as it continues to grow. Sheep and goat producers who make up these committees come together at the local level and develop policies and program ideas to address their needs and concerns. Those policies are then discussed at the state level and may be transformed into state and national initiatives by the organization.

Alabama’s goat industry saw nearly 40,000 goats sold through the major goat auctions in the state during 2005. Although Alabama doesn’t have a large number of sheep compared to some states, Alabama boasts some of the highest quality sheep and show lambs in the eastern United States.

Most of Alabama’s sheep and goat producers are considered small or medium-sized producers who generally produce their products on small acreage. The beauty of this is that it allows people with small amounts of land to be involved in agriculture. Due to the popularity of the meat goat business in particular, more and more small landowners have become involved in agriculture over the last few years.

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