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Soybean Division

Soybean Division

Soybean Division is composed of farmers throughout the state who produce soybeans as part or all of their livelihoods. Soybeans have been grown for thousands of years as food for millions of people around the earth and as a feed ingredient for the livestock industry. But there is more to this familiar legume than just the simple bean we have come to take for granted.

The complex structure of the soybean plant also provides us with the basic building blocks to make hundreds of different products for use in industry and in the home.

Research efforts funded by soybean farmers are leading to more soybean products being created every year. Soybeans are used to make lotions, candles, cleaners, crayons, diesel additives, fabric conditioner, hair and body care products, paint removers, pens, polish, shampoos and waxes, just to name a few.

Carla Hornady
Soybean Division Director
(334) 613-4216