News DeLoney’s ‘Here At Home’ Tells Stories Behind Art

DeLoney’s ‘Here At Home’ Tells Stories Behind Art

DeLoney’s ‘Here At Home’ Tells Stories Behind Art
December 17, 2006 |

Jack DeLoney’s new book, “Here At Home,”released in late November, is available in time for Christmas.

“This book has been a 20-year dream of mine,” says DeLoney, who is considered to be one of the South’s premier watercolor artists. The 96-page, coffee-table style book tells the stories behind more than 100 of DeLoney’s most popular paintings. It also gives readers a peek at his life, as well as his life’s work. “So many people have asked me questions about my paintings,” says DeLoney. “I hope this book will answer many of those questions as I try to explain the motivation and memories behind my work.”DeLoney comes by his subject matter honestly. The Southern water-colorist was born and raised on a cotton farm in the small town of Ozark, Ala., where he still lives and works.

DeLoney first began to paint as a youngster, but commercial art became his career choice after graduation from Auburn University in 1964 as an art major. During this time, he continued his watercolors. After 15 years in the commercial art field, he chose to dedicate himself as a full-time artist. His first and foremost desired subjects to paint were images from his youth.”My dad and mom worked very hard to provide for four children, and they instilled in me a work ethic which I believe has brought me to where I am today,” DeLoney said. “My works draw upon my childhood experiences and memories of growing up on a family farm next door to my grandparents’ farm. There were chores for each of us, and we were taught to perform these tasks in a timely fashion. The old labor-intensive ways of working the fields are fast disappearing as are some aspects of farm life, but the days of the past are still my most vivid memories.”Agriculture and wildlife are large themes that flow through my works, and through my heart,” DeLoney added. “I do not think I am meant to document history as much as to preserve the memories of the way it was. I hope my paintings will rekindle your fond emotions of days gone by and bring you joy. I trust you will feel I have captured the honesty and dignity of the way things were in the South.””Here at Home” is priced at $49.95 plus shipping. Order the book by writing to Jack DeLoney Art Gallery, P.O. Box 1627 Ozark, AL 36361, calling (334) 774-6877 or emailing DeLoney’s art gallery is on U.S. 231 north in Ozark.

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