News Farmers Federation Publishes New Ag Law Guidelines

Farmers Federation Publishes New Ag Law Guidelines

Farmers Federation Publishes New Ag Law Guidelines
January 30, 2013 |

Sorting through Alabama laws that apply to farming and other agricultural practices is easier thanks to an updated publication assembled by the Alabama Farmers Federation.

The newly revised Ag Law and You is available on the Federation’s website at Previous editions were widely used and were a welcomed reference for Alabama farmers, said Brian Hardin, assistant director of the Federation’s Department of Governmental and Agricultural Programs. Hardin and other members of his department are responsible for content of the publication.

“The production of an agriculture law book was requested by many of our farmers as a guide to help prevent them from violating the laws of the State of Alabama as they went about their daily course of business,” Hardin said. “The use of this new electronic publication by people in production agriculture, agri-business, academics, law enforcement and politics must certainly be done with the understanding that it does not take the place of professional legal advice. But it is sufficient as a guide to steer someone in the proper direction. Legal questions should be discussed with an attorney.”

Hardin said having pertinent agricultural laws in one place could save Federation members time and money.

Ag Law and You covers topics as basic as tag requirements for farm vehicles to more complicated issues like trespass, liability and labor laws. The publication focuses primarily on state laws, however it does include some federal regulations such as interstate travel and labor issues.

“Having a digital publication allows the information to be updated as needed,” Hardin said. “The book can be downloaded onto a computer or mobile device as a searchable PDF document with chapters that address specific topics of interest to our members.”

Hardin suggests users periodically download an updated copy of the publication.

Willis McKee, a former intern with the Alabama Farmers Federation Department of Governmental and Agricultural Programs, was the coordinator for the electronic publication.

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