News Farmers Flock To Tuberville Senate Campaign

Farmers Flock To Tuberville Senate Campaign

Farmers Flock To Tuberville Senate Campaign
March 20, 2020 |

Tommy Tuberville is among the most-winning football coaches in history. He wants to use the same grit and determination that made him famous on the gridiron to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate.

Tuberville was endorsed by FarmPAC — the Alabama Farmers Federation’s political action committee — last fall. The Federation is the state’s largest farm organization with more than 330,000 members. More than 100 Federation leaders from all 67 counties participated in FarmPAC’s endorsement process.

“I am humbled by the support of Alabama’s largest grassroots organization,” Tuberville said of the endorsement. “They know I am the only candidate who will go to Washington and fight for the hardworking people of Alabama and not special interest groups. The last thing we need is one more career politician going to D.C.”

Among other goals, Tuberville said he is passionate about improving treatment of American veterans. His father was a highly decorated WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient.

“President Trump is off to a good start. Veteran unemployment is at its lowest point in history: 2.3%,” Tuberville said. “But we can and must do more to help our veterans re-enter the workforce and society. We must provide them with high-quality care and job training and ensure psychological care and attention is available for veterans who are facing issues back on American soil.”

Tuberville describes himself as a Christian conservative who is pro-life; supports school choice and charter schools; backs improved border security, including President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall; and believes in lower taxes and smaller government, a strong national defense, healthcare reform, and preservation of Second Amendment rights.

“I want to represent all Alabamians as their U.S. senator,” Tuberville said. “I am not a career politician. I want to go to Washington to help President Trump drain the swamp.”

Federation President Jimmy Parnell said Tuberville’s comments resonate with members.

“Those values and beliefs have drawn supporters from around the state to Team Tuberville,” Parnell said. “We need a senator who will stand with President Trump and help him bring common sense and honor back to our government.”

Madison County farmers Stewart and Kasey McGill said they’ve known the former coach for years and have pledged their full support to his campaign.

“Alabama doesn’t need a politician who has his own agenda,” Kasey said. “We need a conservative leader who will uphold our Constitution and listen to constituents. Tommy Tuberville would deliver on that promise and vision as our senator.”

Federation state board member Phillip Hunter of Birmingham said he’s had the opportunity to visit with Tuberville several times in the past and believes he’s the right choice for Alabama.

“I’m convinced he will represent Alabama with the same passion and dedication he put into his coaching career,” Hunter said. “I am on his team now and support his candidacy for the U.S. senate.”

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