News FarmPAC Announces Endorsements

FarmPAC Announces Endorsements

FarmPAC Announces Endorsements
February 15, 2018 |

On Feb. 12, FarmPAC, the political action committee of the Alabama Farmers Federation, announced endorsements for the 2018 primary election.

The endorsements followed a full day of meetings, during which Republican and Democratic candidates for statewide office met with Federation county leaders. Each had 10 minutes to address more than 80 FarmPAC Advisory Trustees and answer questions on issues ranging from taxes and regulation to judicial philosophy and traditional values.

Candidates endorsed by FarmPAC include

Governor: Kay Ivey (R)
Lieutenant Governor: Will Ainsworth (R)
Attorney General: Alice Martin (R)
Commissioner of Agriculture & Industries: Rick Pate (R)
Secretary of State: John Merrill (R)
State Treasurer: John McMillan (R)
State Auditor: Jim Zeigler (R)
Alabama Supreme Court, Chief Justice: Lyn Stuart (R)
Alabama Supreme Court, Place 1: Brad Mendheim (R)
Alabama Supreme Court, Place 2: Tommy Bryan (R)
Alabama Supreme Court, Place 3: Will Sellers (R)
Alabama Supreme Court, Place 4: Jay Mitchell (R).

FarmPAC endorsed all incumbent congressional candidates.

For a full list of endorsements, visit

Look for a list of Alabama Legislature and Alabama State Board of Education endorsements in the June Neighbors magazine. 

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