News Farnsworth Retires From Federation After 19 Years

Farnsworth Retires From Federation After 19 Years

Farnsworth Retires From Federation After 19 Years
June 13, 2018 |

David Farnsworth spent 19 years promoting agriculture for what he describes as the organization God led him to. As Area 4 Organization Director for the Alabama Farmers Federation, he served counties in the east central region of the state before retiring April 30.

“I have been so blessed to work for the Federation,” said Farnsworth, 65. “I was hired when I was 46 — what might be considered late in life. I’ve met so many wonderful people across the state; many of them are like family to me. They’ve welcomed me into their homes and to their farms and made me a part of their lives. It’s truly been a wonderful career.”

As organization director, Farnsworth began work with the Federation while living in his hometown of Tuscaloosa. He worked with county leaders to support and implement Federation programs in northwest central Alabama before moving to Sylacauga in 2002, where he served counties in that region. Both he and wife Jan are Auburn University graduates, and all four of their daughters followed suit with undergraduate degrees from Auburn.

“Having the opportunity to be an advocate for farmers and the largest industry in Alabama (agriculture) was a tremendous honor,” Farnsworth said. “I thoroughly enjoyed promoting Farm-City activities, and I’m especially fond of the Farm of Distinction (FOD) program. I was fortunate to have four FOD state winners during my career. I’ve also enjoyed encouraging young farmers to join and participate in the organization.” 

In retirement, Farnsworth said he plans to spend more time with God, enjoy time his wife and ramp up his exercising. He wants to spend more time with his growing family — he has three grandchildren with two more expected soon. He’s also considering a part-time job, although he’s not sure what that’ll be. Retirement plans also include hiking the Appalachian Trail. He’s hiked about 200 miles of the trail and looks forward to covering the remaining 2,000 miles soon.

“I’m not sure what God has planned for me in the next phase of my life, but I know if I keep him first, he will direct my path,” Farnsworth said.

His retirement reception at the Federation home office in Montgomery was April 30. Hundreds of county leaders, co-workers and retired Federation employees attended. He was described as “a pusher.”

“That’s a great description for David,” said Federation Organization Department Director Mike Tidwell. “I appreciate David’s passion for agriculture and the Federation. He never cut corners and worked hard every day. He always strove to make his counties the very best.”

 During remarks at the reception, Farnsworth said his favorite movie is “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

“I’m a blessed man,” he said. “I can truly say I’ve had a wonderful life.” 

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