News Federation Departments Merge To Better Serve Members

Federation Departments Merge To Better Serve Members

Federation Departments Merge To Better Serve Members
May 2, 2010 |

The Alabama Farmers Federation Commodity and Governmental Affairs Departments have merged to form the Governmental and Agricultural Programs Department.In addition to more accurately reflecting the department’s mission, this reorganization more clearly defines new duties assumed by staff members, according to Department Director Jimmy Carlisle.”Through these specific assignments, our department members will monitor what’s happening in these fields on the local, state and national level,” Carlisle said. “Our members will have access to staff who can help them with a specific commodity as well as state and national issues.”As earlier announced, Brian Hardin, who formerly served as director of agricultural legislation in the Governmental Affairs Department, has been named assistant director for the Governmental and Agricultural Programs Department. Hardin will be coordinating state legislative issues for the Federation.Federation Bee & Honey, Cotton and Wheat & Feed Grains Director Buddy Adamson will be the Federation contact for disaster programs, risk management and transportation. He also will work with Randy Griggs, director of the Peanut Division, on the Farm Bill. Griggs will be responsible for international trade.
Steve Guy, director of the Forestry, Soybean and Wildlife Resources Divisions, will handle energy, endangered and invasive species, property rights and land use along with pesticide issues.Guy Hall, director of the Federation’s Pork, Poultry and Dairy Divisions, will assume responsibilities for CAFO/AFO, the Clean Air Act and waste management issues.Mac Higginbotham, director of the Horticulture and Greenhouse, Nursery and Sod Divisions, will handle immigration, agri-tourism, labor, food safety and food inspection issues.
Nate Jaeger, director of the Beef, Equine and Hay & Forage Crops Divisions, will be responsible for issues related to animal welfare, animal health, animal identification and antibiotics.Federation Catfish and Meat Goat & Sheep Divisions Director Mitt Walker will handle country-of-origin labeling, the Clean Water Act, environmental issues and the A.L.F.A. (Agricultural Leaders For Alabama) program.Governmental and Agricultural Programs Department staff will work closely with the American Farm Bureau staff and utilize the resources provided to the state as a member of the national organization, said Federation Executive Director Paul Pinyan.

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