News First Step Life Insurance Makes Protecting Children Even Easier

First Step Life Insurance Makes Protecting Children Even Easier

First Step Life Insurance Makes Protecting Children Even Easier
February 29, 2016 |

Taking the first step toward securing life insurance on children is easier than ever thanks to one popular coverage option from Alfa Insurance.

Available for children through 14 years of age, First Step Life™ is a permanent, interest-sensitive plan that carries the same flexible payment options of other Alfa life policies. Coverage amounts start at $15,000 and feature the added benefit of accumulating cash value as long as premiums are paid. 

“We’re excited to offer Alfa’s First Step Life policy to customers who recognize the importance of protecting their loved ones, even from a young age,” said Alfa Senior Vice President of Life Operations & Policy Administration Rob Robison. “Our policyholders trust us to protect their loved ones from life’s ‘what-if’ moments, and investing in this plan is just another way to achieve that. Affordability is a leading benefit, but the peace of mind gained by providing for your child’s future is priceless.” 

Similar to other Alfa life policies, both parents and grandparents can purchase First Step coverage. Parents are required to answer all medical questions and sign the application in both situations, but grandparents can elect to be the payor. 

“This could be ideal for single-parent families where life insurance on dependents is desired but not necessarily in the budget,” Robison explained. 

Customers should consider adding on a Guaranteed Purchase Option (GPO) or Premium Insurance (PI) rider for additional benefits, Robison said. GPO allows for up to $25,000 in additional coverage on the insured without evidence of insurability, while PI pays the premium on a child’s life insurance policy up to age 25 in the event of the payor’s death or total and permanent disability. 

“Parents have enough to worry about — life insurance doesn’t have to be on that list,” Robison said. “Our helpful, knowledgeable agents are available to answer any questions you have and make sure you have the coverage you need for all your steps in life. When it’s this easy to secure your child or grandchild’s financial future, can you really afford not to consider it?” 

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