News Free Beef Basics Online Course Helps Educate Cattlemen

Free Beef Basics Online Course Helps Educate Cattlemen

Free Beef Basics Online Course Helps Educate Cattlemen
February 29, 2016 |

A free, online beef cattle basics course can help experienced cattlemen brush up their knowledge and is a great tool for newcomers, said Alabama Farmers Federation’s Nate Jaeger.

Jaeger, the Federation’s Beef Division director, said the Beef Basics course was developed by Alabama Cooperative Extension Beef Cattle Specialist Dr. Kim Mullenix.

“By making this course available online, cattle producers can get information in a way that’s convenient to them,” Jaeger said. “Cattlemen and all farmers are busy, so it’s great to have a course they can fit into their schedules.”

Mullenix, who is an assistant professor of animal science at Auburn University, said the course will cover basic cattle management principles related to forages such as nutrition, management, breeding and genetics. Beef Basics also examines the consumer’s perspective of the cattle industry.

Participants who finish the eight-week course will receive a certificate.

“The main goal of the course is for producers to improve their overall management skills and understanding of the beef industry, resulting in a positive economic impact on their production system,” Mullenix said.

Landon Marks, an Alabama Extension agent in Animal Science based in Cherokee County, said the course has sections that allow participants to target areas they deem important.

“Within a section of Beef Basics such as breeding and genetics, participants can pick a specific topic on which to focus,” Marks said. “For example, if you want to know more about calving but not necessarily about choosing a breeding bull, you can choose the section that fits your need.”

The course has an open enrollment with no end date. For more information about the Beef Basics course,visit or email Mullenix at

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