News Leaders Selected for State Commodity Committees

Leaders Selected for State Commodity Committees

Leaders Selected for State Commodity Committees
February 1, 2024 |

By Tanner Hood

Alabama Farmers Federation grassroots leaders received high praise when voting delegates elected peers to commodity committees during the organization’s 102nd annual meeting Dec. 3 in Montgomery. 

State commodity committees are as effective as ever, said Federation Governmental & Agricultural Programs Department Director Mitt Walker.

“The process of allowing farmers to select the best among their peers for these committees has bolstered each group’s influence and resilience,” Walker said. “These members understand present and future issues facing agriculture. Our exceptional group of commodity directors is prepared to work with members to determine strategy, improve profitability and strengthen Alabama agriculture.”

Walker said the Federation relies on policy recommendations from state committees to shape and direct the organization’s work. 

William Crawford of Shelby County presented his reasons for wanting to join the State Wildlife Committee prior to voting at the Federation’s 102nd annual meeting. 

For the third year, elections took place during the year-end meeting, where Brooks Wall of Shelby County was newly elected to the State Forestry Committee. Wall said he looks forward to working with fellow committee members to promote his commodity and protect Alabama timber land. 

“With any large industry, there are complications that will arise,” Wall said. “I’m ready to work with many talented and bright people to solve those problems, grow the forestry business and improve it the best we can.”

State committees provide commodity-specific educational programs across the state throughout the year, in addition to guiding research, promotion and education efforts.

Cade Grace of Walker County said he’s grateful to serve farmers and help ensure checkoff funds are allocated to initiatives that benefit all producers. 

“Being on the committee gives us the chance to sit with others who might have different perspectives and experiences,” said Grace, who was elected to his second term on the State Soybean Committee. “We’re well-represented from all parts of Alabama, so we can promote programs that help farmers across the state.”

Shep Morris of Macon County caught up with Carl Sanders of Coffee County before commodity committee elections at the Federation’s 102nd annual meeting. 

Federation staff will work with committees to dive deep into distinct issues surrounding each of the organization’s 17 commodities: bee & honey; beef; catfish; cotton; dairy; equine; forestry; greenhouse, nursery & sod; hay & forage; fruit & vegetables; peanuts; pork; poultry; sheep & goat; soybean; wheat & feed grain; and wildlife.

Catfish, fruit & vegetable and peanut elections are held outside the annual meeting. Catfish producers met at the Catfish Industry Update Meeting Jan. 11 in Marion Junction. The Alabama Peanut Producers Association and Alabama Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association will gather during corresponding conferences in Dothan and Gulf Shores. The affiliated Alabama TREASURE Forest Association will vote later in 2024. 

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