News Legacy Discount Rewards Loyal Alfa Customers

Legacy Discount Rewards Loyal Alfa Customers

Legacy Discount Rewards Loyal Alfa Customers
June 25, 2013 |

With five children in their 20s, Tammy Haynes knows the importance of saving money. With the new Alfa Insurance Legacy Program, she can pass along her homeowner continued service discount to her children.

“When you’ve just graduated college and you are so young, there are so many start-up costs. You’re moving to a different season of life, so having a discount of any sort is definitely a great benefit,” Haynes said. “I wish my husband and I had that when we were younger. My children are realizing any discount, especially with a company you’ve been with so long and you believe in, is huge.”

The legacy discount can save the children of loyal Alfa customers up to 20 percent on their homeowner insurance. Applicants must be 27 years old or younger, and their parents must have auto and home insurance with Alfa.

“There is nothing more important than family,” said Alfa President Jimmy Parnell. “We reward longtime policyholders who have been members of the Alfa family with our continued service discount. Extending that discount to our policyholders’ children through Alfa’s Legacy Discount Program is a way to reward the next generation of Alfa customers now and in the future.”

For Haynes, this means peace of mind knowing her quadruplets, who as children were featured in Alfa commercials, will save money when they purchase homes. Mary Elizabeth, Sarah, Will and Caitlin graduated from Auburn University in May, with older daughter, Anna Lee.

“Alfa has stood the test of time,” Haynes said. “They have been tried and proven true as far as the kind of service and quality of service they have given us over the years. They offer reasonable and competitive rates. When you’re with a company that long, you want to encourage your children to do business with Alfa, too.”

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