News Legacy Log Homes Offers Savings To Federation Members

Legacy Log Homes Offers Savings To Federation Members

Legacy Log Homes Offers Savings To Federation Members
July 21, 2008 |

Maybe it’s the smell of wood or maybe because his small hometown was carved out of a pecan orchard. Or maybe it’s because his family has been in the timber business for more than a century.But whatever the cause, H.R. Ellis II likes wood.”I’ve probably loved fine wood and fine wood products since the day I was born,” says Ellis. “Even my favorite writing pens are made of wood. Like most everyone in the day of the modern office environment, I also love ‘making a great escape’ to the outdoors, whether it’s to hunt, drive a four-wheeler or just take a walk in the woods.”It’s no wonder then that Ellis, who spent a decade as an Alabama assistant attorney general and court of criminal appeals staff attorney, should decide to launch his own business out of wood — Legacy Log Homes, LLC, a company that has just joined the growing list of member benefits offered by the Alabama Farmers Federation.Federation members now can receive log home packages of $40,000 or less for “dealer cost,” plus $2,000. Packages greater than $40,000 will be available to Federation members for dealer cost, plus $3,000.”This new membership agreement means significant savings to Federation members,” said Organization Director Mike Tidwell. “Log homes not only make beautiful vacation getaways, but more and more people are discovering they can make stunning primary residences, too. We’re proud to offer this benefit as yet another advantage of being a Federation member.”Ellis also has seen many homeowners move away from more traditional homes to log homes for a variety of reasons. “I could go on all day about this,” he said, “but the most concise explanation is cost, durability, energy efficiency and beauty.”Not only are log homes often faster and cheaper to build than standard homes, but are also more energy efficient. Plus, Ellis says, they’re naturally beautiful. “I believe that good wood, whether part of the home or still growing in the open, is a form of art,” he said. “There’s nothing like being surrounded by the art of nature — right in your own living room.”According to Ellis, Legacy Log Homes works with three, long-established suppliers: Lincoln Logs International, for reasonably priced treated Southern pine logs; Ward Cedar Log Homes, for low-maintenance white cedar logs; and Yellowstone Log Homes, for big 16-inch logs from the Western U.S.As a result, Legacy Log Homes is able to offer a broad, log package lineup that includes white cedar, fir, spruce and pine in virtually every available size, shape and cut. Customers can choose the style of home they want, the material from which its made and even what kind of “kit” they want. A log-only package includes the logs and all the materials one needs to assemble them; a whole-house package includes windows, doors, flooring, etc., depending on how extensive a package the customer wants. Lincoln Logs, however, offers the “logs-only” package.”My suppliers ship anywhere in the U.S., and have even shipped to foreign countries,” said Ellis. “There’s no point in me taking possession of the kit because it would only drive up shipping costs. Shipping direct to the customers makes more sense.
“Plus, Legacy will not just dump the logs on a job site and then disappear,” said Ellis. “I work closely with an established Alabama log home builder who is skilled, honest and reasonable. I can bring him in to handle most any job anywhere.”For more information about Legacy Log Homes, LLC and its products and services, visit, call 1-888-LOG-2007 or (334) 549-3408 or email Ellis at
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