News Lime Labeling Bill Passes House Committee

Lime Labeling Bill Passes House Committee

Lime Labeling Bill Passes House Committee
February 14, 2020 |

A bill that would require agricultural lime to be labeled with its relative neutralizing value passed the House Agriculture and Forestry Committee Thursday.

Under existing law, there is no requirement to label lime based on its ability to neutralize soil acidity. The proposed legislation, which is supported by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, would define relative neutralizing value based on the calculation of calcium carbonate equivalent in relation to the percent of lime passing through certain size mesh screens.

“This legislation would allow farmers to know the value of the lime they are purchasing and help them better calibrate spreaders to ensure efficient and environmentally responsible land application,” said Alabama Farmers Federation Director of Agricultural Legislation Preston Roberts. 

HB 155 is sponsored by Rep. Jamie Kiel, R-Russellville. The legislation now goes to the full House of Representatives. The Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee is expected to consider the companion bill, SB 190 by Sen. Larry Stutts, R-Tuscumbia, on Wednesday.

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