News Martin Promoted To Corporate Media Director

Martin Promoted To Corporate Media Director

Martin Promoted To Corporate Media Director
February 20, 2019 |

Melissa Martin, a 14-year veteran of Alfa Insurance and the Alabama Farmers Federation, has been promoted to corporate media director with the Federation’s in-house advertising agency, Creative Consultants Inc. (CCI). 

The new position combines the messaging responsibilities of Martin’s previous job as employee communications director with additional advertising duties.

CCI General Manager and Federation Public Relations Director Jeff Helms said the move capitalizes on Martin’s experience with Alfa and provides a smooth transition following the retirement of Senior Media Director Marlene Hall.

“Melissa has placed Alfa advertising within publications and digital outlets since 2014, and she’s responsible for initiating some of the most innovative advertising opportunities for Alfa in more than a decade through placement with Pandora radio and Hulu,” Helms said. “In addition, her work with Alfa’s Marketing Department and on the rollout of new products will help her target advertising to achieve corporate goals. I appreciate her willingness to take on this new role and look forward to seeing how we can leverage Melissa’s expertise to strengthen Alfa’s advertising program.”

Helms thanked Hall for her 32 years of service and expressed confidence in Martin’s ability to build on that legacy. 

“Marlene was Alfa’s most passionate ambassador, and she cultivated relationships that paid dividends for the organization,” Helms said. “Melissa is enthusiastic about continuing to tell Alfa’s story and spreading the word about innovative products and services among current and new audiences.”

A graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery with a degree in communications, Martin joined Alfa’s Life Department in 2004 while still a student. She was hired to work with CCI in 2009 and later served as the Federation’s Cultivator newsletter and website editor before transferring back to CCI as editor for marketing and employee communications. For the last three years, Martin has been a key member of the creative team for Alfa’s advertising campaigns. 

“Since joining the Alfa family in 2004, I’ve been blessed to work alongside individuals who embody a pure enthusiasm for this company and its employees, and those sentiments have proven contagious,” Martin said. “Though demanding, sharing the integrity of the Alfa brand will be an easy task because our company’s reputation of service speaks for itself. I’m grateful for this exciting opportunity, and I look forward to finding innovative ways to reach larger audiences.” 

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