News New Benefit Helps Members Avoid Costly Water Damage

New Benefit Helps Members Avoid Costly Water Damage

New Benefit Helps Members Avoid Costly Water Damage
October 28, 2019 |

Alabama Farmers Federation and StreamLabs® are partnering to help members avoid damage, inconvenience and costly repairs from water leaks in their homes.

Federation Member Benefits Director Paul Brown said the organization’s newest affinity program makes water leak detection and control affordable.

“Homeowners are 10 times more likely to suffer water damage than a fire, and an average claim costs more than $9,000,” Brown said. “StreamLabs offers easy-to-install monitors that can pay for themselves by saving money on water bills and insurance deductibles resulting from claims.”

Federation members save 10% on StreamLabs Monitor, which retails for $169, or 20% on StreamLabs Control, a savings of $119.80 off the $599 retail price. The control unit marries StreamLabs’ leak detector with an automatic shut-off valve. Both units offer 24/7 leak detection, custom smartphone alerts, real-time insights through a handy app, and integration with smart home systems like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

“The StreamLabs smart home water monitor introduces homeowners to the first truly intelligent water system,” said Jeff Long, director of marketing and operations for StreamLabs. “This technology, combined with an easy installation method, helps our customers take control of their household water systems without undertaking extensive re-plumbing.”

According to StreamLabs, two in five homeowners will experience water damage from a leak. Additionally, about 12% of all water entering a home daily is wasted due to leaks. The most common culprits are leaky toilets, 48%; broken pipes, 15%; and dripping faucets, 10%.

While many homeowners will want to use a plumber for the StreamLabs Control unit, the StreamLabs Monitor can be installed in five minutes with no specialized tools. The Alabama-made product is ideal for primary residences, as well as lake homes, beach houses and other properties where leaks could cause extensive damage. 

The StreamLabs app automatically detects water usage patterns and notifies the user of abnormal water use or potential freeze conditions. Alerts may be customized to adjust sensitivity, and there are modes for when residents are home and away. StreamLabs Control can automatically shut off the water to a house within 15 seconds of detecting a leak. There’s also a manual shut-off and remote shut-off option. 

To take advantage of the savings, Federation members should visit and use the promo codes ALFAMonitor or ALFAControl, based on the unit they purchase.

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