News New Benefit Means More Money, Less Worry For Alfa Members

New Benefit Means More Money, Less Worry For Alfa Members

New Benefit Means More Money, Less Worry For Alfa Members
June 8, 2004 |

Alabama Farmers Federation and SouthernAutoTrack have joined forces to provide up to a 10 percent discount off of the comprehensive portion of Alfa Insurance policies for Federation members who install DirectTrack® mobile location units in their vehicles.Federation President Jerry Newby said the new member benefit will give parents and automobile owners added peace of mind. “The DirectTrack® system will allow members to track their automobiles 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Newby said. “It can provide real comfort to parents who worry about their children when they are on the road alone. Businesses can use DirectTrack® to monitor the location of their fleet vehicles, and it could help law enforcement recover a member’s car if it’s ever stolen.”Federation members also will receive a $75 discount off the purchase and installation of the DirectTrack® system., a certified distributor of DirectTrack® products, is operated by Prattville, Ala., resident Donald Neal. Neal has been distributing DirectTrack® products since 2003, and feels the Federation agreement provides positive financial rewards for those who wish to provide extra safety and security for their assets, cargoes and families.”My main concern is helping people,” Neal said. “DirectTrack® can help parents not only know where their teenage drivers are, but that they are safe. No matter how much we trust our employees or loved ones to make the right decisions, we still worry when we don’t know where they are. This system will let you know the exact location of your vehicle and even what speed it is traveling.”The DirectTrack® unit is a mobile tracking device, stealthfully secured inside a vehicle, that enables the owner to monitor and control many vehicle features. Employing a constellation of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), and patented microburst technology, DirectTrack® allows the owner to interface with their vehicle anytime via the Internet, or access reporting and alert functions by email, cell phone or pager.The DirectTrack® unit allows vehicle owners to monitor the location, speed, direction and bearing of their vehicles. They also can get reports or alerts showing the top speed of the day, boundary violations, low battery notification and more. The units offer remote functions such as door lock and unlock, and one of the most powerful applications–starter interrupt. The starter interrupt function allows the owner to remotely enable or disable the starter when the ignition is not engaged. The owner can stop teen drivers from misbehaving or delivery personnel from moonlighting, or it can help law enforcement recover stolen vehicles.”The applications for use with DirectTrack® are nearly unlimited for any vehicle owner, and I am honored to offer DirectTrack® units in conjunction with a generous discount for Alfa policyholders,” said Neal. “People should be rewarded for doing something positive to protect their vehicles, and the Farmers Federation proves its commitment to the community with this program.”For more information, call DirectTrack® at 1-800-804-5001 or visit To receive the $75 discount, Federation members must use the promotional code “SANTHER” when
ordering the system. To receive discounts on Alfa Insurance policies, DirectTrack® users should inform their agent they have an anti-theft device installed on their vehicles.

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